Dan Marino vs Tom Brady the False Robotic God vs the Luckiest GOAT

More than ninety days away from the 2017 football season, four months removed from the greatest Super Bowl comeback, and more than year removed since we had someone other than Tom Brady win a Super Bowl, the Internet is still buzzing about who the true Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) really is. If you base GOATs truly on a position vs position, then major positions like Wide Receiver or Running Back are pretty locked up (Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders respectively). However the Quarter Back debate has been brewing ever since the 80s with many different names. Would it be Dan the Man Marino or Joe Cool Montana or John Never Say Die Elway or even Brett Ironman Favre? Then 1998 rolled around and the Sheriff rolls in with blaze of glory from his family, and a few years later the unknown King of the East would join as well. So who is the best quarterback of these six men?

If you look at this as a cold calculated machine (a robot) and look solely on stats, the race shrivels down to two men with one slightly better than the other. However if you look at it solely on Super Bowl wins there is also a clear cut winner slightly a head of number two. Finally if you look at it as what the race truly is then you will see the GOAT position is barely hanging on by a few lucky threads.


Dan the Man is highly regarded as the GOAT due to his extreme performance on the field and much like a robot he did his job well. He was the first to hit 5000 yards in a single season, and averaged nearly two touchdowns a game. However he also had a winning season every year but twice in his career including his final season. When it came to playoffs though he was a total different player. In eighteen games, he has more multiple interception games than wins! In fact he also has eight games with one or less touchdowns in the same time frame. He made it to the big game once after blowing out Pittsburgh the week before only to get blown out by Joe Cool Montana.

la-sp-sn-joe-montana-49ers-silicone-deflategate-20150608Joe Cool Montana is also highly considered to be the GOAT mostly due to his four Super Bowl trips and wins. Unfortunately he was a very average quarter back. He had proven to be the ultimate team player and without a cap room the extremely dominant San Fransico 49ers helped him get his four Super Bowls. Once he was traded to the Chiefs he was no longer was Joe Cool.

Brett Iron Man Favre was considered at one point to be the GOAT but he proved to be the most electrifying quarterback to grace the field. John Never Say Die Elway has been considered the quarterback with the most heart but very few consider him to be the GOAT, top 5 though.


This leads to the Sheriff. Highly exceptional college quarterback goes number one overall to the Indianapolis Colts. He destroyed defenses with a superior intellect that was highly unrivaled. He averaged thirty five touchdowns and forty two hundred yards a season, while taking over the leader boards in most yards ever and most touchdowns ever. However much like Dan the Man, Peyton Manning had a choking gene when it came to playoffs.

Tom-Brady-Lombardi-Trophy-thumb-660x512-137312Finally the King of the East gets picked up at 199. What makes the King of the East so popular is a major connection that is astronomically rare. You had an extremely hungry young quarterback, a coach whose lackluster performance in Cleveland left him wanting to prove his worth, and a franchise that had literally nothing else to lose. Drew Bledsoe goes down and Tom Brady finishes the job, so history is done right? Wrong. Brady then proves he earned the right to start over Bledsoe the next year. Brady’s stats are not spectacular but the winning fire Brady brought to New England and sparked inside Belichick. Between 2001-2004, that fire alone gave enough breaks to give a failing franchise a new hope. Tuck Rule luck, and rules changed to benefit stats are the breaks that were absolutely necessary achieve the dominance all fell perfectly in line. It was almost as if the stars fell perfectly in line. Almost too good. Then nearly a decade long gap in Super Bowl wins allowing the Sheriff, Aaron Hail Mary Rodgers, Big Ben, Russel Wilson, Drew Brees, and even Eli Manning to all showcase the skills they had. Finally the King of the East, gets not one but two more lucky breaks in the Super Bowl so that a GOAT can finally be named.

So in conclusion, the quarterback position and sometimes the running back position will always be debated for another millennia mostly due to where you want to pick your poison. Tom Brady is the Luckiest GOAT while Dan Marino was the robot who did his job. The true GOAT is the one with all the records. Keep it in mind.


One thought on “Dan Marino vs Tom Brady the False Robotic God vs the Luckiest GOAT

  • I believe while brady is a decent qb marino will always have his place your also telling a story of a NFL association that had a different set of rule marino stood on the line with steroid induced baffoons in the 80s and early 90s guys like marino young elway moon paved the streets for these guys now that have thicker helmets and rebreathers during training lighter equipment give marino the same advantage as these new guys in his prime he could’ve wiped the floor with most of the NFL

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