Why is the Media so Soft on Popovich?

After Greg Popovich’s most recent ridiculous claims regarding Kawhi Leonard’s injury, calling the play “unnatural”, then saying about Zaza Paschulia “think about the history he’s had”, then topping it off with the “you still go to jail for manslaughter”.  I kept wondering why has the media always been so soft on him?  Is it because the liberal media loves his non-stop rants about President Trump?  Or is it because of his five titles? It’s also very likely that that local San Antonio treats him with kid gloves and the rest of the media follows suit.

Worse than his treatment of reporters is the “resting” trend he began with groups of his players and just completely cheating the fans.  His most famous example was in November of 2012 when he rested his core group (Green, Duncan, Ginobli, Parker) against the Lebron James’ Heat forcing David Stern to apologize to the fans and fining the Spurs $250K.  He’s continued the resting trend since then, with some players not even dressing or coming to the arena!

How has Popovich held press conferences and in-game interviews with the “I can’t believe you asked me that” look on his face for so many years?  His interview once with Doris Burke where he answered “turnovers” twice was just brutal, he also once answered Jeff Van Gundy on the sideline with a nonsensical answer and then demanded another question (after Van Gundy didn’t bother to try to ask another question).

Nobody questions whether or not Popovich is an all-time great NBA coach, he most certainly is.  I do question how the media has put up with his off-court demeanor for so many years, and even make all kinds of excuses for his boorish behavior.  I also question how little he’s been challenged by reporters (Popovich’s mind numbing coaching melt-down at the end 2013 Finals Game 6 loss to the Heat immediately comes to mind) and how lucky he was to have Tim Duncan all those years.  We’ll see how Popovich handles getting bounced by the Warriors this season.


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