“Nerd Power” has a 4 Hit Night; Sparks Brewers to Seventh Win in Nine Games

Baseball can be fun! That’s exactly why Eric Sogard fits in to this team where everything seems to be rolling smooth at the moment and everybody just keeps having a good time. Sogard is very versatile and hardworking on the field and very lighthearted in the dugout and it seems to make a perfect fit.

Three of Milwaukee’s top run producers, Ryan Braun, Eric Thames and Travis Shaw are all on the shelf for one reason or another and the Brewers just keep getting better. Oddly impressive, is the fact that none of the six runs they scored, including five in the first inning, came via home run. With their big bats recovering, the Crew has just been ripping the cover of the ball. On that note, Sogard had the first four hit game of his career and is helping etch out an identity for this team.

Jimmy Nelson tossed a very decent game as he managed six scoreless innings before having a rocky start to the seventh. The Brewers bullpen had some rocky moments once again but had enough of a lead to work with, that it wasn’t really an issue at all.

Milwaukee is currently 22-18 and looking very comfortable as they just keep outblasting the other teams offense even with a depleted lineup as they move to within a half-game of first place behind the Cardinals in the NL Central.


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