Brewers Win Series, Look for Sweep After Beating Boston Red Sox 7-4

The Brewers offense just won’t slow down for anyone or anything as they have proven early and often in 2017. They can explode at any time as they showed by dropping 4 in what turned out to be a decisive fifth inning Wednesday night.

Manager Craig Counsell has squeezed every ounce of ability out of this rag-tag group of future stars and has them playing very solid ball in the early going of the season. He has made solid decisions throughout year and has given this squad a great chance to be competitive in what was supposed to be a very tough division. Tonight, hemade a big decision in the eight when he brought in ground ball pitcher Jared Hughes with bases loaded and no outs and traded one run for a double play.

The Brewers are showing that they have the talent to hang this season and might be ready for the front office to make a move and get them another dominant pitcher if they can continue to succeed as the season progresses. Starting pitching has been the main challenge for a team that has been hitting the ball well and doing a decent job of finishing games when they have a lead.

One of the main fears I had about the Brewers early on was that most of their runs com in bunches as they launch homer after homer but haven’t been able to put together much in the form of rallies. Tonight they scored seven runs without the aid of a home run. That shows me that this team is maturing, finding chemistry and starting to operate as a unit. If they can continue this trend, they will be very hard to stop or even slow down as the season progresses.


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