September 16, 2017: Tale of the Tape

I was very excited about this fight about a year ago, as I waited and wondered if it would actually ever happened. Canelo vs. GGG had the makings of a great fight. One for the ages even. These were two fighters who were at the top of their game, overpowering opponents one right after another. 

The thirty-five year old, Gennady Golovkin, would toy with his opponents for a few rounds feeling them out until he had developed his strategy, then bam… He would pounce and before you knew it, it was over. 

Twenty-six year old, Canelo Alvarez, on the other hand had just been solid as he won consistently but was still trying to establish dominance against opponents. More recently he seems to be on the rise and has started to really show confidence.

Canelo is currently in his prime and will bring one hell of a fight. If Golovkin was in his prime he would beabsolutely impossible for Canelo to hang with. However, GGG who is almost a decade older then Canelo seems to have lost a step and the younger fighter who not that long ago surrendered his belt to the more veteran fighter instead of risking a fight,  has suddenly jumped at the chance to try to steal it back.

Before Alvarez fans get to excited though, they need to realize that Golovkin is as much a strategist as he is a fighter. GGG is known for toying with opponents. Sometimes he will let them land a solid punch or two just to build their confidence and right as they start to believe they have a chance, they find themselves on their back wondering what the hell just hit them.

I’m not sure why Canelo thinks this fight will be any different. Golovkin realized he wasn’t getting younger and as soon as it was clear he wouldn’t get the fight fair and square, he took a punch or two against his other opponents to let Canelo’s confidence soar. As soon as it did, Oscar de La Hoya, who had previously been afraid of GGG, was right there to offer a fight.

It wouldn’t have made since for “Golden Boy” to have sacrificed their “cash cow” too early against a superior fighter. However, they also knew that if they didn’t jump in soon enough, they would lose the appeal of beating the champ when he still had the appearance of being at the top of his game. What they don’t know is that they just got suckered into stepping right in front of a buzzsaw.

 Canelo will most likely get someplay as  the fight draws near but if you are smart you will place you money on the “Big Drama Show.”


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