Why Royals and Giants Should be Sellers Soon.

One month into the season it’s painfully obvious to fans in the KC and SF Bay Area that their respective teams are more likely going to be near the bottom of their divisions.  Shocking, when you consider how successful they’ve been in this decade, but it’s time to rebuild or reload.

For the Royals it’s time for a rebuild. Many key players will be free agents at the end of the season (Hosmer, Moustakas, Escobar and Cain). Although they’re only 6 games out so far, the Royals don’t resemble the clutch hitting/bullpen machine of a couple years ago.  The team can continue to feature Hosmer, but should start moving the others and restock the farm system asap, that farm system is how they’ll become contenders again. The championship window has closed in KC, but they shouldn’t hang their heads (two AL titles, one WS title).

Meanwhile, the Giants have been one of the worst teams in baseball since last year’s All Star break.  No team is more dependent one pitcher than the Giants are with Bumgarner and he’s gonna be out for most of the season.

Eduardo Nunez will be a free agent and Johnny Cueto can opt out of his deal. Both players and Samardjiza could fetch premium prospects at the trade deadline.  The Astros should really look into bringing Hunter Pence back home to Texas.  He’d have to waive his no trade clause, but he’s sorely the kind of fiery champion type of presence the Astros need in October.  The Giants still have a core of winning players, but they should look  infuse their roster with a splash of “almost ready”MLB prospects.


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