People Pay $8.99 for a Fast Food Meal and then Laugh at the Notion of a $500 Shoe… and other Reasons Lavar Ball is Smarter than You

Take Facebook for instance. It started out as just a minor form of communication for Harvard students. Nothing real big, but when other schools in the area realized that somebody had something they couldn’t have, they wanted it. Now even your grandmother has a Facebook account where she brags to all of her friends about what a good kid you are.

Mr. Ball knows that he can’t beat Michael Jordan one on one at basketball but he made everyone of us at least consider it. He knows his son isn’t even in the same league as Steph Curry but he’s got every talk show in America talking about it. Now he’s telling you that the only way you can be a “baller” is to dish out half a G and I’ve actually thought about it. If you are honest with yourself you will realize that you have too. Try as hard as you want to say it’s ridiculous, one of your friends will break down and buy a pair. Then so will you. 

How do you make your shoe better than his “Royal Airness?” Make it so only a few people can afford it. Then everyone will start to covet it and bam…

Cigarette prices went up $6.00 a pack and sales just kept coming as if nothing had changed. This is a country that has sold its soul to the American dream. We will not hesitate to mortgage our future happiness on a cheap thrill and nobody has taken advantage of it like Mr. Ball.

Michael Jordan’s shoe still costs about the same as it did way back in the day when I got my first pair.  All we have to do is see that little silhouette and it’s no big deal at all to pull $100 out of our pocket. Ball knows that his name can’t demand that kind of respect but slap an outrageous price on a story that is already bigger than life and bam, he’s already got us reaching for our credit card.

Just like our President, he keeps feeding us falseness long enough that it becomes a reality. We can’t help but believe it. Wait til you walk into your school or work and everyone starts talking about you. That $500 dollars you spent will be worth every penny. Because like they say, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”

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