Brewers Score Twenty Runs in Last Two Games as Rookie Arcia Starts to Get Hot

The Brewers record might not be all that mind boggling as the team sits at 12-11 but one of the encouraging facts is that not only are they scoring a ridiculous amount of runs, they are starting to do it with actual rallies. 

As the year started, it all came down to power. Milwaukee relied on a rash of bombs to keep them in and eventually win games. There was hardly any small ball. No getting runners on base and then moving them over. No strategy or chemistry. Just a slug fest.

You can’t really blame them. This team has been assembled from a piece here and a piece there. A couple free agents, a few trade pieces and a Korean League “Legend.” A lot of them didn’t even know each other before the season started and now they are ruling the league with an iron fist.

Rookie Orlando Arcia was one of the young prospects the Brewers have been counting on to be a major cog in their offensive wheel. Today he showed some of that promise by going two for three with a home run and three RBI. Now that he is starting to pull his batting average up from the cellar, this team could become even more dangerous.

Don’t get me wrong. We love watching Bernie go down the slide on a regular basis as long as the Brewers are hanging a “W” in the win column.


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