Yankees Go Young MLB Beware

The Yankees for the first time in almost 22 years have put a team together based around youth. They’ve gotten rid of most of the bloated contracts and players way past their prime. They got off to a rough start in the first week going 1-3 against Tampa Bay. Since they’ve gone 10-4, 11-7 for the season, and are 1.5 games out of first place in the East.

This is all great news for the Yankees and bad news for everyone else in the AL East and maybe the MLB. The last time the Yankees invested this heavily into the youth it was when they had ” The Core 4″ Jeter, Posada, Rivera, and Pettitte. That core went on to win 4 World Series in 5 years and 5 total in their career, and all are heading to the Hall.

Now after almost 1 month of baseball in the books the “Baby Bombers” are about to face their toughest challenge when they go head to head with the Red Sox’s, and the first place Orioles in back to back series. This will be the first meeting for the Yankees and Sox in 2017 and the Yankees had their fair share of struggles against their rivals in 2016.

The Yankees went 1-3 vs the O’s early in the month back in Baltimore, but the pitching was trying to find it’s footing and they’ve been on a roll since that series. One other thing going for the Yankees is they will be facing them in New York where they’ve only lost 1 game so far.

No matter what way those series shake out Cashman and Girardi have to be very happy to still be in contention running with the young players and overcoming injuries. The team lost Tyler Austin (fractured ankle), Didi Gregorius (strained right subscapularis), and Gary Sanchez (right biceps strain) all either before the season or right at the start.

It has been a team effort though across the board. The starters haven’t been able to go deep into games this season, the bullpen has come out the gates strong. What’s really helped though are timely hits and the big bats. Castro is hitting .357%,  Judge is leading the team with 6 Hr’s, and Torreyes is tied with 13 RBI’s. The great news for the Yankees is they get Sanchez, and Gregorius back early in may; and Austin should be back by June. The Yankees still have Frazier waiting in the minors for his shot.

If Cashman remembers that this mindset worked for him in the 90’s then the team will stay on a great path to Championship 28. This season looks very promising and it took “The Core 4” 1 season to get into full swing.  So the MLB needs to be on the look out because the Baby Bombers are locked and loaded and ready to return to glory.


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