Turn left here… Rerouting… In 500 ft, make a U-turn.  Sound familiar? Too bad life doesn’t have a rerouting configuration when we get off track, especially when self ultimately controls which way the vessel moves.

So you’ve gotten off track, missed your turn and now it’s time to U-turn and reroute to the final destination. Here are some ways to identify if you’re in need of rerouting:

-Cheat day comes a little more often

-Becoming bored or complacent with current routine

-Major Life Changes

-Energy levels are off, but not due to stress related reasons

-Stopped workout or eating regiment without cause such as time or accessibility constraints

The key is to not lose sight of goals; understand that a weight loss or lifestyle journey is a MARATHON, not a sprint. This saying is so cliche; however, it seems to be a difficult concept to grasp at times. In this microwave society where everyone wants it NOW, being realistic is a great place to start. What helps keep me in marathon mode is that #1- I do not want to repeat the entire process again and #2- I plan on looking this good at 40 and that’s a 15 year commitment.

Just remember when you get off track, not to stay off track. Encouragement may not fall from the sky, so be prepared to jumpstart that self motivation. Here are some ways to begin the rerouting process:

-Be realistic with yourself. You’ve been doing so great passing up the vending machine for a soda, got caught up in cravings and now you’re 2 weeks in saying, “Alright, just one a day.” How much time before you no longer have control over that craving entirely?

-Take a Day to Reset. Write down all of your original goals and check off which milestones have already been accomplished. Think about how long it took you to get where you are currently, and make a plan for adjustments. Work schedule changed from 2nd to 1st shift, so now instead of complaining about how it messes up the routine you already have, don’t wait to come up with a new routine

-Be creative. Recently, I went from an apartment complex with a wonderful gym facility, to one that offers a medicine ball and a couple free weights. Now I walk to and from work to make up for the difference. It may not be what you’re used to, but working out and eating right also took getting used to.


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