The Young Bucks Punish the Raptors 104-77 in Game 3 to Take 2-1 Series

I understand if you aren’t convinced yet about this Milwaukee team. They did struggle in the beginning of the year and kind of flew under the radar because of it once Khris Middleton returned. However, they had a scorching hot month of March before struggling in the early part of April.

Regardless, they didn’t come into the postseason with the intention of collecting their participation medal and filding in the first round. They came here to raise hell and that’s exactly what they’ve done so far. Even in game 2 when they lost they still made life rough for the Raptors.

It was mainly the usual suspects, “Freak,” “Moose” and “Kash Money” leading the way tonight but Khris Middleton seemed to be the most passionate instigator in this one. It’s fitting that he would lead the attack in the playoffs since he was the spark who got them here in the first place.

The Bucks have shown all season long that they are capable of jumping out on top against anyone from the word go. Tonight they jumped out to a 57-30 lead at halftime and continued to hold Atlanta on the defensive end. What Milwaukee has struggled with is keeping their foot on the throttle or on their opponents neck. That was not the problem at all tonight as the Bucks kept dishing it out right until the end.


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