The Bucks Need to Swing a Deal in the Offseason to Bring in Kristaps Porzingis

The New York Knicks General Manager, Phil Jackson, has ticked off a lot of people lately. None more crucial than rising superstar Kristaps Porzingis and somebody is bound to get one hell of a deal out of this mistake. Why not the Milwaukee Bucks?

The Bucks are notorious for targeting tall, athletic, big men who can dribble, pass, shoot from the outside and play defense. Porzingis has the potential to be all of that and more. Just try for a second to envision a line up with Giannis, Thon and Kristaps. Downright filthy!

The problem is finding a way get him. To me that is actually easy. Jabari Parker and Greg Monroe and the draft pick(s) of their choice. Seriously. With that combo you shouldn’t need another rookie for a long time anyway. You would revolutionize how other teams have to defend the Bucks and we haven’t even mentioned Khris Middleton and Malcom Brogdon yet.

I’m aware some fans are very fond of Parker and there is always the nostalgia thing but we all know he’s kind of been the square peg since arriving in Milwaukee, he can’t stay healthy and the Bucks went from lottery to postseason as soon as he went out and Middleton came in.

My mind is getting jumbled trying to picture all of the twists you could throw at opposing defenses. I’m kind of starting to feel sorry for them already. 


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