Rookie Gaining Valuable Experience in the Early Going of the NBA Playoffs 

With just moments remaining in the biggest game of his life, on the road in Toronto,  rookie, Malcolm Brogdon, had two chances to make a big shot to keep his team in the game. Both times the ball left his hand clean from behind the arc and came down on the inside of the rim but off just enough to spin out. My heart raced for a minute, then fell out of my chest. I can’t imagine how Brogdon felt as he sensed elation and then disappointment, not once but twice in the matter of seconds.

Against popular belief, failure can be a good thing. A very good thing as a matter of fact. Look how hungry the Raptors were after getting stomped in game one. They brought out their A+ game against the Bucks. They didn’t let a loss discourage them or send them  running away with their tails tucked between their legs. They came back harder and they succeeded.

It’s a good lesson for the youngster to learn. The past doesn’t have to dictate the future and next time he has a chance to be the hero, he will remember what it felt like to lose and hopefully he will be hungry enough to not let it happen again.  

The series is moving to Milwaukee tomorrow and the Rookie point guard has a chance to continue to be the stability of this team as they attempt to put themselves in the drivers seat once again.


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