This Could Legitimately be the Year Sam Bradford Wins the NFL MVP Award

I’ve just always had this feeling that one of these day all of the stars in the galaxy are going to align just perfectly and Bradford will take the league by storm and be deemed the Most Valuable Player for an entire season. He’s definitely got the talent and he’s flashed it at times when he’s been healthy. Now, for the first time in his career, he’s finally got some weapons around him and he’s actually had time to get to know them and build chemistry.

We would all be very hard pressed to name one legitimate receiver he has had to throw to so far in his career. Until last year he hadn’t had much of anything really. Kenny Britt, Tavon Austin, Jordan Matthews. Last year he lands on a halfway decent squad and “bam” just like that he has a career year. Not only that but he made the players around him better at least until injuries started taking their toll. This year the Vikings will have the luxury of having played a full season together and Bradford will be familiar with the coaches, players and the system. Last year he got thrown into the mix when Teddy Bridgewater went down and the Vikings traded the Eagles this year’s first round pick for him. This year he’ll be good to go and he may even have a running game to help back him up.

With Kyle Rudolph finally having a breakout out year and the young receivers getting one more season of experience under their belts, this offense could be explosive in 2017. Jerrick McKinnon, showed last season that he could be a valuable weapon out of the backfield and now he is training with Adrian Peterson.

Bradford now plays in a division against three teams who aren’t exactly known for their great pass defense. He is an easy target for fans to hate, especially those who don’t realize the kind of talent he’s had to work with throughout most of his career but he is a much better quarterback then his numbers show. As long as the Vikings can keep the offensive line health and open up the playbook a little bit, he could realistically be the best passer in the league.

Last year he got sacked a career high 37 times but was still able to set the record for completion percentage in a season at 71.6, set a career mark for passing yards at 3,877, throw 20 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions, while maintaining a 99.3 passer rating. This guy is a way better player than he ever gets credit for and one of these days it will happen out of nowhere and catch everyone by surprise.


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