Probiotics Have Calmed the Fire in my Intestinal System Caused by Chrons Disease

I used to sit by and watch as other people bit in to a big juicy burger, sipped on a milkshake and snacked on some fries. At one point those had been three of my favorite foods, then they became the biggest source of discomfort.

Almost anything irritated my stomach at that point but some were worse than others. I mainly tried to stay away from any type of fried potatoes. So, no hash browns, fries, tater tots, potato wedges, none of the delicious grateness. I always avoided milk, cheese curds (especially fried) and had to go light on regular cheese and butter.

Red meat was a huge no-no. No matter how good it tasted going down, it would get stuck just under my rib cage on the left side and cause extreme pain. Ironically, the lighter the color of the meat, the less irritating it was. 

I tried almost everything, including a diet based on only eating “white foods.” Rice, pasta, chicken, turkey, bread, crackers, albacore tuna. I spent a lot of time eating fish, especially salmon. However, nothing takes away your manliness like watching someone else cut into a thick stake while you nibble on noodles.

One day my wife recommended probiotics and I poo-pooed it like I do everything else that people suggest for my gut. I’ve tried all kinds of “perfect” remedies and all they do is confuse my system more and leave me in more pain. Then one day we were at a grocery store and saw a carton of one of my favorite flavored juices, blueberry pomegranate, it claimed to be a source of probiotics. I decided to try it and found out it was the most awful, chalky textured beverage I had ever consumed.

I didn’t really think about it after that and just went back to living my normal life. I kept eating as plain as I could, no onions, no peppers, no broccoli, very light on tomatoes and pickles. Like normal, I cheated once in a while and kept my fingers crossed. Then one day it hit me. My stomach has felt extremely better for about a month.

I was feeling very puzzled and mentioned it to my wife. She gave me a sly smile and asked how long it had been since I drank that probiotic drink. I shook my head and tried to come up with a way to prove her wrong. I couldn’t. It was just too obvious. Just one carton of juice and a month later I was still feeling a lot better. 

Looking back, what I see is that the probiotics start to relax my intestine which causes the inflammation to go down and allows the wound to heal without it being continually affected. I could actually feel the lining in my intestinal track start to expand as it healed almost immediately.

After that I became obsessed and started trying to find every different type of probiotics I could get my hands on. The nice part is that they come in many different forms to give you plenty of variety.

Probiotic Gummies have had the best positive affect on my system so far. I take four a day and notice that they start acting immediately. The first half hour or so can cause irritation as it starts to work, after that it’s golden.

Eating two Greek yogurts a day has helped as well. Besides being a bit chalky tasting,  it has chunks of fruit in it and can be very tasty. The most important part is that it helps.

Ironically, I have never found the original type of drink I had since the first encounter. However, evertime I’m in the produce section of the grocery store, I find a flavor I know I like and drink it sometime over the next week or so.

Or I will find one I’m not a big fan of and put it down immediately to keep my stomach healthy. 

Whichever route you choose to take, I recommend getting your daily dose from real food, juice or Gummies and would avoid pill form. Here’s the reason why. From what I’ve read and experienced, adding probiotics to a product takes an intense process that will destroy a large number of them and leave the product ineffective or straight up worthless. The most affective for me has been the Gummies, then Greek Yogurt and juices. The pills irritated my affected area even more and left me in intense pain.

I still try to avoid steaks and corn on the cob, however, since I started taking probiotics on a regular basis, I have been able to eat almost anything I like. Stomach pain, irritation and inflammation have gone way down. My appetite has gone through the roof as I am able to eat things I haven’t tasted in over a decade.


One thought on “Probiotics Have Calmed the Fire in my Intestinal System Caused by Chrons Disease

  • Hi Peter!! I have Chron’s too!! Sucks!! But yes, I too started Probiotics and its been about Six years now and my inside’s have improved greatly as well!! I spent a year and a half with the dreaded C-differential infection in my colon as well (generally caused by the over prescribed misc. antibiotic’s for other problem’s!) They prescribed too many different one’s in a very short period and i ended up dehydrated as well as having impacted bowels and or diareah, etc. Anyways, it was while at Froedert being released for the ninth time from the hospital, that the doctor’s reccomended probiotics?? Halleluyah Brother!! I’ve been great since. I go to the health food store and get the probiotic pommegranite and misc. flavored drink’s and they really help!! I couldn’t imagine life again without these!! I dont know if you have any arthritic condition’s or not with your Chron’s, but I do. I also take tumeric and ginger as a daily supplement and it’s really been an amazing difference!! If you do experience pain, swelling or other arthritic condition’s, i reccomend you try? Good luck and great article!! Peace out.


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