Patrick Mahomes Charisma Could Make Him the First Quarterback Taken in 2017 NFL Draft

When the offseason started, Mahomes rarely entered the conversation of quarterbacks who could go in the first round. You heard names like Trubisky, Watson, Kizer and Kaaya on a regular basis but the Texas Tech star was usually always on the outside looking in.

Now that people have gotten a chance to really experience his smile and charisma, he seems to be winning over hearts and skyrocketing up draft boards. I’ve even heard people predict him as Cleveland’s next QB.

The son of an MLB pitcher with the same, name, Mahomes, has been said to throw faster than David Carr (60 MPH), further than JaMarcus Russell (78 yards on his knees), and has been compared to gunslingers, Brett Favre and Tony Romo. 

What confuses me is the fact that watching him play football on Saturday didn’t convince us that he was a top player in the NFL, but watching him in shorts at the combine or in a suit and tie on ESPN has greatly increased his stock.

I had a feeling about Mahomes before all the hoopla started. I figured his style of play translated well in the NFL and that he might fall far enough to land on a team that was already established or who wouldn’t expect him to play right away while he learned behind a veteran. Now I’m not so sure as the pressure will fall squarely on a kid who wasn’t expecting it.

I personally don’t remember a player who became a superstar after having his stock explode in the offseason but I have seen enough go the other way. If I’m a GM I’m the NFL,  I’m approaching this situation with extreme caution and would wait until late in the second round before I consider taking him, if he should fall that far.


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