Ghost Prepared to Release a Follow Up Album to Meloria in 2017

Their image is creepy to the point of cheesy annoyance. They push the limits too far to the point you almost think they believe their own story. It’s like some satanic priest thing. Not something I would normally buy into but the music is on point. I haven’t felt this way about a band since “Blue Oyster Cult” back in the day.

The lyrics are like a perfectly tangled web. It sucks you in and holds you there. The beats are tight and the riffs are intense. Some people call it pop. However you look at it, though, it’s very smooth. Their new album is going to be darker, more apocalyptic. Sounds filthy. 

In a recent interview, a nameless ghoul told Full Metal Jackie that the Swedish band is touring now but will record the album in the spring for real ease in the fall. 
“From my point of view, it’ll be both. It’s going to have everything from heavy, crushing metal to big, ballady anthems.”

The band is being largely secretive about what’s to come, but the continue to refer to darkness, the Middle Ages and apocalypse. I have a feeling they either have a surprise for us or they have no clue themselves what the future will bring.

If you listened to “Meloria” you know that these guys can turn the most basic lyrics and rhythms into an addictive and hypnotizing trance. The first time you hear it can be confusing as to why it’s popular. After that you are hooked.

The first song that got my attention on the new album was “Cirice.” It’s haunting. Not just in a creepy way but it follows you with the thunderous beats. “Pinnacle” is fun but equally disturbing as you can feel yourself being drug down whatever path they are trying to take you down. Then there is “Square Hammer.” It’s pretty, poppie and then punches you in the face.

The music isn’t at all as sinister as the persona and stage presence. However, they claim it’s going to get that way.  

You are cast out from the heavens to the ground. Blackened feathers falling down. You will wear your independence like a crown. From the pinnacle to the pit, it is a long way down.


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