Game 2 Between Milwaukee and Toronto Will Show Us How Good this Bucks Team Can Be this Postseason 

The Bucks were dominant on the road when it mattered the most at the end of the game. They didn’t slow down. They didn’t take their feet off of the throttle. They just kept swinging.

They showed the heart of a champion, so it’s easy to understand why some Bucks fans are predicting a victory of the Cavaliers and an appearance in the Finals after just one game. Ironically, how this Milwaukee squad feels about that very topic could determine their fate. If they believe they’ve already made it, they don’t stand a chance. What could get them their however, is if they realize that right now the battle begins. The pressure is no longer on the Raptors. The target is placed firmly on the Bucks back and this is exactly why experience and maturity are so important.

Giannis Antetokounmpo may only be 22 years old but he already knows rings aren’t won with swagger and bravado. The “Greek Freak” knows that at this point of the season games are bought with blood, sweat and tears and after his performance in game 1, it’s hard to believe there is a player more willing to pay the price.

However, if you think, the Raptors have given up already, you are out of your mind. They have had plenty of time to think about how wrong they were about Milwaukee and how nothing they did worked in the first game. They have looked in the mirror several times since then I’m sure and realized that they are on the brink of going down 0-2 to a young upstart team that no one gave a chance against them.

I really do think the Bucks can win this game and I do think they can take the series. This is a new era and this Bucks team represents that era better than any other team besides maybe the Warriors. Think about this for a minute. When Khris Middleton cane back, he took this team from a loser to a winner in a very short time. They are obviously a better team with him than their record indicates. If he had been there the full year, the Bucks would possibly be the favorites in this series. So maybe they should be even now.

When the series started, I said it was the Hawks to lose and I haven’t changed my mind about that. However, after watching how the Bucks manhandled them in game 1, the distance has narrowed and if the Bucks find a way to pull out this one, the odds completely flip flop in their favor.


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