This Brewers Team has the Talent to Contend this Season… Now They Just Need Experience 

If you’ve been following along at all, you know that the current Brewers roster has been pretty much assembled off of the rest of the league’s trash heap. They are like a bunch of scraps that Manager Craig Counsel has sewn together to make a mismatched quilt. 

Just over a year and a half ago, Milwaukee hired, then thirty year old , General Manager, David Stearns, who came in and just started cleaning house. He basically got rid of everything that wasn’t nailed down to the floor. He traded fan favorite after fan favorite for players no one had ever heard of. The only true veteran he kept was Ryan Braun and that’s only because no one else wanted him either.

This season was supposed to be a complete rebuilding year. Sell everybody off and start over with raw players with high ceilings and a ripe farm system. It isn’t quite turning out that way, because all of these players are red hot and ready to go. Everything Stearns touches turns to gold.

Eric Thames was already a superstar, Hell, a legend (in Korea), Manny Piña was the player to be named later in the Francisco Rodriguez trade, Jesus Aguilar, Nick Franklin and opening day starter, Junior Guerra, were plucked off of waivers. It makes you wonder what all of these other General Managers have been doing this whole time.

On top of that, Stearns traded a pitcher nobody has ever heard of, for his everyday second baseman, Johnathon Villar, a player he was familiar with from his days in the Astros organization. Signed closer, Neftali Feliz, who has been perfect in three save situations, in free agency. 

In other words he’s caught lightning in a bottle, so to speak and that bottle is taking the league by storm. The funny thing is, nobody has really noticed it yet because this is kind of normal for the Brewers. They get hot at the beginning of the season. Fade off a bit then get really hot before the All-Star break. Then, they come back cold as ice and don’t heat up til about a month before the end of the season. Just long enough to make it interesting before everything falls apart.

Trust me on this one, this isn’t just another one of those streaky Brewers teams. This is a team that was assembled on purchase based on potential talent. Imagine a team we’re just about everyone has a breakout yeast at the same time. That’s what is about to happen here.

Try to picture what happens when a player catches fire and finally catches fire, like Johnathon Villar last year. He stirs up a bunch of excitement around him and makes everyone around him better. Imagine if that happened to six or seven players at once.

That seems to be what is about to happen in Milwaukee, as they have a roster full of potential powder kegs waiting to explode. The joke around the league, is that there are single players making about as much money as the entire Brewers roster. Stearns and Brewers owner, Mark Atanasio, have made it clear that they won’t hesitate to spend, when the times comes to make a run for it. I have a feeling, the time is now.


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