The Raptors Have Not Won a Game 1 in a Playoff Series for Sixteen Years…and that one was on the Road

The Bucks really couldn’t have asked for a better first round opponent than they one the ended up drawing. Not only do they match up with them fairly well pound for pound but Toronto has a history of struggling in the playoffs.

The Bucks are a very hungry young team, loaded with talent and even more potential. If anyone gives them even a slight taste of blood, they will most likely go into an absolute feeding frenzy like they did in the month of March. The statistics show that 77% of NBA playoff series are won by the team who takes game 1.

Before last season, Toronto hadn’t won a playoff series since 2001. As a matter of fact, before they narrowly beat both  the Pacers and the Heat 4-3, the Raptors had lost seven straight playoff games. Last year may have gotten the monkey off of their back, so to speak but the truth is, they haven’t faced a challenge quite like this in the playoffs, that they have won.

The Bucks have fresh young legs and love to run up and down the court. As a matter of fact, sometimes they do it when they don’t even need to. Giannis Antetokounmpo walks by defenders like they don’t even exist and throws down earth shattering dunks on a regular basis. They also use those young legs to annoy the heck out of you on defense. Khris Middleton reminds me of a young Scottie Pippen, doing all the dirty work while someone else gets the attention. I have a feeling he may use this series to let his little light shine a bit.

On top of that, the Bucks roll out all sorts of different shapes and sizes in the post. One minute you find yourself guarding pencil thin, Thon Maker. Next comes Greg “Moose” Monroe. Then, tall, lanky John Henson. Finally, big, solid Spencer Hawes.

The Bucks have struggled to defend the perimeter at times this year. Now that they have Middleton back, that isn’t as much of an issue. The only time he faced Toronto this season, he had twenty four points and the Bucks won fairly easily. As a matter of fact after trailing 19-12 after the first quarter, they dropped 41 in the second and dominated the rest of the way. Also a factor in that game was Hawes scoring 16 points and grabbing eight rebounds for a near double- double.

We still haven’t mentioned that the Raptors players are currently fighting off the flu bug.

With that being said, all five of Toronto’s starters have over 20 games of playoff experience, while first year Buck, Tony Snell, leads Milwaukee with 16. I believe this is the Raptors series to lose. Howeve, if for some reason they don’t bring their A-game, the rest of the league will soon learn to…

                FEAR THE DEER!!!!!!


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