Jordan – Rodman – Pippen

Oh, I know. I know. It sounds absolutely absurd to start  comparing these youngsters to legends. They still have a fistful of metal to earn before it even really becomes realistic but if your just looking for similarities, it’s not completely ridiculous.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the focal point. The athletic freak who on occasion seems to launch from the three point line for a graceful dunk. He’s the leader who plays with equal passion on either side of the court. He has that undying competitive fire. He demands the attention of every player on defense when he has the ball. He can take over the game and put the pressure on. He’s larger than life itself.

Greg Monroe is the one comparison that is completely different but remarkably the same. “Moose” scores way better than “The Worm” and doesn’t rebound as well, but they both know their place on the floor and contribute unselfishly for the benefit of the stars and the betterment of the team. He gives this team it’s balance and stability. He’s the motor that the other stars depend on to keep the wheels turning. He makes the biggest difference with hardly anybody even realizing he’s there. Monroe is basically the silent partner.

Khris Middleton is the unsung hero. One of the most underrated players in the league, who can defend every position except for maybe the “5”. Just his presence alone makes everyone around him better. They call him “Kash Money” for a reason. He comes up big when it matters the most. He loves to have the ball in his hands when the game is on the line but he’s also okay being the sidekick. If the “Greek Freak is the throttle, K – Midd is the clutch.

What’s crazy, is that this team possibly has a better surrounding cast then the Bulls ever did. Like I said to begin with, it’s obvious these three have a way to go to be “elite” but watch out…

          HERE THEY COME!!!


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