The Bucks Rest Starters and Get Some Valuable Minutes for the Role Players and Backups as the Season Ends

With their spot in the playoffs locked up, Coach Kidd left Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, Matthew Dellavedova and Tony Snell on the bench and got to get a better idea of what his depth looks like. 

After a first quarter in which they looked fantastic piling up 36 points against the Celtics starters, in a game Boston needed to win to clinch the number one seed in the East, the Bucks appeared to have decided to just have fun the rest of the way. Sweet passes, precise shooting and some highlight dunks were the norm in the next three quarters as Boston ran away with the game in a 112-94 victory.

Many people expect that after using him sparingly in the regular season, the Bucks may unleash rookie Thon Maker as some sort of a secret weapon in the playoffs. If you’ve seen the footage of the lanky seven-footer using slick footwork and handles to break ankles, than step back and calmly splash a three, you know this kid is something special. In this game he had 9 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocks in 27 minutes.

Kidd gave the most minutes to Rashad Vaughn and Michael Beasley who could provide valuable scoring off the bench as the series wears on.

It was a bit confusing to see Dellavedova resting instead of Malcolm Brogdon, who has been the starter when healthy. It could be that the coaching staff believes the rookie needs the experience or they may be planning to use the veteran, Delly, more in the playoffs. 


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