You Are not Going to Believe What the Mariners are Selling as a Ballpark Snack

Sure we all know that the main reason any of us go to a Major League stadium is to watch our team pitch and hit their way to a well fought win. I’m not going to lie though, the food, as expensive as it is, is a major appeal as well.

There is nothing better than watching your team get a big base hit while biting into a big juicy hot dog and having ketchup and mustard run down your elbow or crunching into some crisp popcorn or Cracker Jacks.

Currently, teams seem to be bending over backwards to try to come up with that new dish that grabs their fans attention and has “the faithful” running to the concession stands between innings. This year the Mariners took it even a step further.

Toasted Grasshoppers 

Before you clutch your gut and run to the trash can, consider this. On opening day, the crunchy and zesty little buggers who are seasoned with a chili-lime salt, were a major hit and sold out completely.

My motto is that I’ll try anything twice… just in case I got it wrong the first time.  However, throw a handful of these suckers in a taco shell, hand me a bottle of Louisiana Hot Sauce, and…take me out to the ball game!!!


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