Shohei Otani: Japanese Babe Ruth to Take the MLB by Storm as Early as Next Season

At 6-foot-4, 215 pounds of sculpted muscle, and still just 22 years old, this kid is a dominant right handed pitcher who throws 102 mph lazers and a devastating left handed hitter who launches bombs deep into all three fields.

He’s not just good, he’s about to revolutionize baseball as soon as he lands on a major league team. In Japan, he’s a pitcher/outfielder/designated hitter and he does it all with ease.  Who knows what he will be able to do and how creative he will be once he is in the US.

He’s not just a pitcher and a home run hitter. He’s the best at both. Right now he is the MVP of the best league in the world that is not the MLB. He plays for Nippon Professional Baseball and has won their home run derby as well as throwing the fastest pitch in league history at 102.5 miles an hour.

He is a very humble man who doesn’t even own a car but when asked who he compares to in the majors, he doesn’t hold back at all. Bryce Harper and Clayton Kershaw. “Unlike me, Kershaw is a lefty”. He even admits to trying to throw with his left hand to mimic his hero. The crazy thing is he just may be right about both comparisons.

The major complication he leaves for managers is how to utilize such a versatile player who has potential to be a superstar as either a pitcher or a hitter or both. For owners and GMs, the challenge is whether he can stay healthy enough to play either position. Earlier this season he was hampered by an ankle injury that kept him out of the World Baseball Classic, instead of resting the injury he was moved to designated hitter where he developed a hamstring injury.

Who knows what will happen as the season progresses but chances are we may need to prepare for the “Big Sho” as early as next season.


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