The Bucks Will be a Tough Out in the Playoffs Because…

1. They Are Deep

When you’ve got a guy like Greg Monroe coming off the bench you know you’ve got some decent depth. It’s not surprising for “Moose” to drop a double-double and opponents will definitely be sick of him by game 3 or 4 of a series. Michael Beasley is the kind of guy that can drop twenty off of the bench and he seems to step up big in pressure situations. The Bucks brought in Mirza Teletovic for his shooting and now he has a chance to show off his ability on the big stage for Milwaukee. Jason Terry has won a championship on both the collegiate and professional level. His skills have decreased but his experience could prove priceless.

2. Defense 

The Brewers might not consistently be the best defensive team but these SoBs are young, long and athletic and they can dunk on one end of the court and then chase you down and slap the ball out of     your hand on the other end. They are physical and even slightly vicious and not only are they built to win in the playoffs they are eager to do it. The one exception here is three point shooting. If the Bucks run into a team that’s hot from behind the arc, they are going to have to make some major adjustments.

3. Matthew Dellavedova 

There are some people that are down on Delly and don’t think he is living up to expectations. Well, if you believe like I do, we are going to have to wait a minute still to figure that out. It would seem to me that the whole reason the Bucks brought Dellavedova in is because of his experience. More specifically, his playoff experience. Honestly, Delly is a nuisance for opponents, especially in the playoffs. Some members of the media have gone as far as calling him dirty. He’s the type of guy that can get the hometown fans completely behind him and drive the away crowd absolutely insane. Not to mention he has been in each of the last two Finals and brought home a ring last season. In other words, he’s a guy you want on your side come playoff time.

4. Kash Money

At 6-foot-8, Khris Middleton is very big for a shooting guard and is a plus defender who can cover positions 1-4. His versatility makes him a huge plus for Milwaukee and a huge annoyance for the opposition. When he came back from injury the Bucks were on their way to a Lottery Pick, right now they are headed to the playoffs. If Giannis Antetokounmpo steps up big in the playoffs, K-Midd, could be the Robin to his Batman or dare we say the Pippen to his Jordan.

5. The “Greek Freak” said so.

After the Bucks beat the Sixers on Saturday night to clinch a playoff spot, Giannis Antetokounmpo made it clear that his team was going to be a challenge for anyone they play in the playoffs. Who is Antetokounmpo? You ask. Well as a matter of fact, he is the youngest player ever to average twenty-three points, eight rebounds and 5 assists while shooting 50% from the field. Oscar Robertson did it when he was 24. Larry Bird and Michael Jordan both did it at 25. That’s pretty good company. So if he says it, I’m gonna believe it.


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