The Brewers Bats are Really Good this Year. The Pitching…

The Brewers have had a virtual fire sale over the past few years. As far as everyday players go, Ryan Braun is the only name that’s been around for more than a year or two and he’s only still there because they couldn’t get the value they wanted on the trading block. 

Yet, the players they brought in are cracking the ball around like crazy. As a matter of fact, they scored 16 runs in the first three games of the season and four runs off of the Cubs and Kyle Hendricks and 3 off of Jake Arrieta. They still managed to lose 4 of those 5 games by a total of 32-28.

That tells me that with a little bit better pitching they could have won a few more of those games and be at the top of division instead of scraping the bottom.

Not all of the pitching is horrible either. Wily Peralta actually pitched good enough to get a win and a couple of other pitchers left after putting in good performances but got a no decision. Jimmie Nelson went 6 innings, striking out 8, and allowing only 1 run, on 4 hits in a game the Brewers lost 2-1. So the rotation doesn’t need a complete overhaul but they could use another big arm or two especially in the bullpen. The season has barely been going for a week and the relievers are already depleted.

Think about it this way, in seven games (63 innings) the Brewers starters have only pitched 35.1 innings. Plus, one game went 11 innings so (65). That means that the guys in the bullpen have done more than there fair share off the work. It’s hard to judge their closer situation quite yet. They’ve only had one save situation so far and even though Neftali Perez nailed it down, he also gave up a homer in the ninth of a 1-1 game to take a loss. 

Best case scenario would be if they could move Braun, even if they got a solid bullpen arm. Maybe you also give up either Eric Thames or Jesus Aguilar as well. Aguilar was kind of a surprise anyway and if you could get a decent starter that may not hurt either. However, it might get to the point you have to dip into your prospect pool. 

Some people might think I’m crazy, suggesting the Brewers try to make moves to improve a 2-5 team instead of just letting the season run its course but in my opinion if there’s a chance that you are only a move or two away, it may be worth the risk to make a move. Especially, when the other teams in the division appear vulnerable.


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