A Male Perspective on the Hit HBO Series…

If you go into this show believing it’s going to be about a bunch of attractive and interesting “Girls” who you can relate to and sympathize with and maybe even fantasize about, you are going to be massively disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, 3/4 of them are actually decent looking and they will definitely keep your attention but for all the wrong reasons. 

Hannah who is played by Lena Dunham, the creator and writer of the show, is as witty and creative as she is absurd and obsessed with her own insecurities. At first it’s endearing that she is brave enough to expose her pasty white, immensely out of shape body but then she just doesn’t stop until you start to feel dirty and embarrassed for her.

I understand the notion of loving yourself for who you are but is it necessary to push it to the most intensely disturbing level possible? It’s also confusing that Hannah can consistently hook up with guys who are way out of her league but always ends up dating guys that are completely clueless and sadistic. The only saving grace for Hannah in my opinion is her relationship with her gay ex, Elijah.


Elijah is the stereotypical gay man, except for he doesn’t ever take it to the point that rubs up against your gag reflex even though he consistently makes you believe he will. The perfect description of his personality, is when he finds out Hannah is knocked up and becomes irate and then changes his mind and tells her she should keep “their” baby and then counters by telling her that she shouldn’t expect any money from him. He’s the clumsy kid who’s always smooth. He’s the one that always gets his heart completely stomped on but somehow is always there to give someone else  a shoulder to cry on when they need it or at the very least a line to snort up their nose. 

He’s the one that actually makes Hannah worth loving, even though she sleeps with every man possible to prove how not in love with Adam she really is. You try to love her for her deep writing and her completely backwards theories on life and right about the time you think you do like her, she surprises you with an absurdly grotesque nudity scene. 

If you’ve ever felt socially awkward in any way, Adam is the guy you actually feel you can relate to. He’s kind and understanding but covers it all by being a sadistic, domineering asshole. At first he’s great at it and you actually feel like you wish there was a way you could be just like him and then you realize that the asshole is who he really is. He somehow is always serendipitous, even when it seems absolutely ridiculous that a guy who appears to barely be able to twist two sentences together is a popular Broadway actor. He really gets under your skin when he meets Jessa.

It’s crazy because when they are together you actually start to like them, maybe even adore them. His childish idiocy and her free spirited narcissism just blend, in a pop art kind of way. First, you are happy for them. They glorify each others weakness and make the other person feel stronger. Then it starts to makes sense that not only are they not perfect for each other, they are straight awful for each other. You learn that Jessa’s passive behavior is only because she is jealous and hates her own life way too much. She goes from marrying into money to sitting alone in a home completely naked no matter who walks in on them. Jessa was the Bohemian who in the beginning couldn’t help but win your heart even if she tried not to. The fly by the seat of your pants, the false loyalty, it’s intriguing to the point that when she married a rich guy and all her problems seem to disappear, you almost think she deserves it or at least wants it. Then you realize the reason you actually love her is because she has no idea what she wants except for you to love her.

Desi and Marnie are the other very interesting couple. When they first meet you are like “wow” a couple who might actually work and bring some stability to the show. Then you learn very quickly that there is no stability at all to Marnie, who is nothing more than a poser who is trying to escape being a yuppie wannabe by becoming a folk singer. She marries Desi which breaks Ray’s heart and then she leaves because of a silly spat about remodeling their apartment. After that she cheats with her ex, Charlie, and eventually runs back to Ray. Right about the time all of that starts to make sense, you realize that she is not even the most messed up of the two as Desi turns out to be a closet junkie. She’s like the lady who sits like a statue on the front pew at church but is the first one to run out and spread the latest gossip to her friends. She’s beautiful and talented but after that she’s as shallow as they come and you start to hate her for it when she goes after human rag doll Ray Ploshansky.

Marnie seduced him when he was still vulnerable from his break up with Shoshana, who as imperfect as she is, seems pretty darn perfect for Ray. Then, per her selfish character, Marnie always comes over to have sex with him and then bails leaving Ray pissed and perplexed and you wonder when he’s gonna finally come to his senses. 

It seems like Lena Dunham actually writes Marnie out of the show for quite awhile sometimes, almost like she can’t  handle a heavy dose of her either, and then, right about the time you forgot she ever existed, Dunham brings her back full force, like a kick in the teeth and has her do one of the most ridiculous things you’ve ever imagined. 

Speaking of ridiculous things. I know I mentioned Shoshana a minute ago but you can’t fully appreciate her exact wackiness until you see her for yourself. She is the perfect millennial. The girl who seems to have grown up inside a computer screen. She’s a cartoon or better yet an emoji. Yet, people actually have to live with her and some even seem to enjoy it. What I enjoy are the ridiculous hairstyles and clothes she comes up with, apparently out of nowhere and when she moves to Japan she seems to fit right into the backdrop of their culture but then she comes back. It’s not hard to pull for her to succeed, because as fake as her exterior appears, you can tell she is true to her insides. Like I said earlier her and Ray are probably very good for each other but even though he is a proprietor and she isn’t really anything, she can’t help but think she’s too good for him. In the end she’s the one who pays the price and at least for now, Ray finds happiness.

It appears that Lena Dunham has decided to not continue the misery of making us watch her suntan her privates past Season 6. However, I’m not attempting to discourage you from watching the show. There are actually some decent parts to it and the character development is great, even if the characters themselves are awful. If nothing else it will make you feel better about yourself by the end of the day and it will give you hope that relationships, as flawed as they are, can be worth every minute.


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