Point Guard Disaster

Matthew Dellavedova, the point guard the Bucks signed in the offseason in hopes to stabilize the position and bring in some depth, has been a colossal train-wreck. The Bucks not only have lost far more games than expected with Dellavedova as the starter, they have been getting consistently blown out. This is in stark contract to when Malcolm Brogdon, one of several rookies in consideration for R.O.Y., has been holding down the starting position. With Brogdon in the lineup, the Bucks have been a team to fear. With Dellavedova, a lottery-level team.
With Brogdon continuing to be absent from the lineup, the Bucks have been fading down the stretch. They have not been able to continue the dominance they showed in March, and instead have looked like a team not deserving of a playoff spot at all. With Brogdon’s health a major concern with injuries right around the corner, the Bucks best bet would be to sign a veteran over Gary Payton the 2nd. Dellavedova has not gotten the job done, and is much more suited to fill a backup role if he has to even play at all.

Two veterans who could provide a major spark are Jarrett Jack and Will Bynum. Jack has proven capable throughout his career as being a guy who can handle the load when called upon, and that’s exactly what he’d need to do here. He’d provide veteran influence as well as a playoff-tested veteran who has never been one to back down from a challenge. Bynum could be a spark plug in the form of an Aaron Brooks or a Nate Robinson that could provide a huge lift down the stretch. Neither Jack nor Brooks are long-term solutions, but they are exactly what the Bucks should be looking for right now with the playoffs on the line. The Bucks would be well-served to pick up the phone and try to sign one of these guys to not throw away an otherwise encouraging 2016-2017 NBA season.


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