Tony Romo: Exposed for the Dirt Bag He Is?

Romo 1
Photo by Tom Pennington-Getty Images
Tony Romo is set to be released by the Dallas Cowboys at some point today. We have heard that this was going to happen at least one time before. Romo stands to make around $24 million upon his release from the Cowboys. This would set him up to possibly go to another team for less money for a year or two since the Cowboys are essentially paying his salary for the upcoming season.

Sources around the league however do not think that Romo will play the upcoming NFL season. In fact it is expected that upon his release that he will announce that he will enter into the broadcasting booth. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Romo is expected to take a job as a color commentator for either NBC, Fox or CBS. These jobs do not open up very often and he would like to be able to take advantage of an opening. At least one position will be open at Fox because of John Lynch transitioning into the role of General Manager for the San Francisco 49ers.

Romo’s story is one of perseverance, undrafted out of Eastern Illinois, he put the league on notice from the moment he stepped onto the field. Bill Parcells inserted him into a game against the New York Giants, Parcells’ former team, at halftime of a game that took place on October 23, 2006, in relief of a struggling Drew Bledsoe,  and he didn’t release his hold on the starting job until the beginning of last season due to his latest back injury.

I find it puzzling that Romo is still asking for his release instead of turning in his retirement papers to the league office. It has been said that he wants to step away from football because of health concerns. He has broken his collar bone several times and required back surgery prior to the 2016 season opening up the door for Dak Prescott to take the starting job for the Cowboys. Romo has only played in 5 games over the last two seasons and his body does seem to be breaking down. If Romo is truly going to retire wouldn’t you think that he would do the team that took a chance on him a favor by officially retiring from the game? He is essentially “stealing” $24 million from the only organization that believed in him coming out of college. He wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for the Dallas Cowboys. That $24 million could be used to help a team that is struggling with cap space and has several positions of need that require attention this off-season. If he were a true team player he would submit his retirement paperwork and call it a career. He has made plenty of money over his career and entering into the broadcasting world would also give him a sufficient amount of money to live on.

Is Romo a dirt bag for “stealing” $24 million from the Cowboys? Maybe he is… Or maybe he is brilliant because he has all of the leverage here. There are multiple reports circulating that releasing Romo and having him retire would have the same implications to the Cowboy’s salary cap. To my understanding this is not the case. If Romo were to retire the Cowboy’s could restructure his contract to a veteran minimum deal. This wouldn’t hurt Romo if he is retiring because he would still be getting paid his bonus money. Instead of freeing up $5.1 million in cap space for this year(upon his outright release) a restructured deal could open up as much as $14 million for this season, if he decided to officially retire.

Either way you look at it Tony Romo has been good for both the Cowboys and the NFL as a whole. Cheers on a career which will certainly see you enshrined in Canton among the other NFL greats of the past.

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