GB Packers have visit with Star Running Back Prior to NFL Draft

NFL Draft
Photo courtesy of Getty Images


The Green Bay Packers are doing their due diligence before the start of the NFL Draft at the end of this month. They recently hosted a visit for maligned Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon.

Joe Mixon
Joe Mixon courtesy Getty Images


Mixon was not allowed to participate in the NFL Combine because of an off the field incident where he punched a woman in the face and broker her jaw. He was “suspended” by Oklahoma for this incident, which amounted to him being red-shirted for a year when the incident took place in 2014. A video of the incident was released in December of 2016 that brought new attention to the situation. The video is disturbing on many levels and if you have watched it you see that he was physically “attacked” first but had every chance to walk away and de-escalate the situation. I am not excusing the actions of either party in this situation but, in my opinion, for a man to place his hands on a woman unless he feels his life is threatened is inexcusable.

On pure talent alone teams would be foolish not to at least take a look at Mixon.  He rushed for 2,027 yards and 17 touchdowns in his two seasons at Oklahoma. He is arguably one of the most talented running backs in a very deep position in the draft this year.

The New England Patriots have said that they have removed Mixon from their draft board. I wouldn’t take too much stock in that however as Mixon is expected to go in the first two rounds of the draft and the Patriots do not have a pick until the third round. Green Bay is not the only team that has had a pre-draft visit from Mixon. He has met with the Los Angeles Chargers and Denver Broncos.  Representatives from both the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions have said that they would consider taking a chance on drafting a player like Mixon despite his past mistakes although it seems he has not visited these two teams yet.

I am all for second chances. The problem here is that there is not a punishment that is correct in this situation. Any punishment Mixon would have received would have been deemed inappropriate.  Hopefully this is a case where he has learned from his past mistakes and becomes a better person for it. If I were signing Mixon I would definitely have a clause in his contract that after one incident similar to this one all of the guaranteed money in his contract would be null and void and he would be immediately released from whatever team decides to take a chance on him. Believe me there will be a team that takes a chance. Let’s just hope that this was a one time mistake and something like this does not happen from him again.




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