The NHL Just Made My Decision Easy; I’ve Finally Found an NHL Team to Call My Own

As much as I love or am at least interested in almost every type of sporting activity, Wisconsin, one of the most ice hockey conducive states in existence, has no pro team for me to follow. Unlike most modern sports fans all of my favorite teams are from my local area, so that leaves me in quite the conundrum. 

I’ve thought about New Jersey. I like the Devils name, uniform, reputation and legacy but as hard as I’ve tried, it’s just not there. Nothing about them has won me over yet. The other option I’ve been given is the Wild. It makes the most sense, especially since the arena is only about an hour from my front door. It’s Minnesota though. Forget about it.

I’m not completely ignorant of the particulars of the sport. I get the point of  a face off and the blue line. I know you can check and the refs will not only let you but encourage you to fight. I know all about the penalty box, five for fighting and short handed goals. I still don’t get the dead octopus thing but that’s a story for another day.

What caught my attention though, is the fact that Las Vegas is getting a hockey team and there  is about to be an expansion draft. Two things make my decision easy, I’m a huge fan of Sin City and I definitely am obsessed with any kind of draft, but expansion drafts have by far the most appeal. The strategies and possibilities are virtually unmatched. 

Not sure what a Golden Knight has to do with Vegas, and the logo, and colors leave a lot to be desired but I think I get over all that. I’ve finally got a team to follow and I get to watch it be built one piece at a time, right from the beginning.


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