Seven Reasons Why the Chargers Can Be this Year’s Atlanta Falcons…

1. Phillip Rivers
The Chargers have one of the top quarterbacks in the league who has been waiting for his team to finally put all the right pieces around him. Another strong season could earn him an MVP bid and his team a trip to the playoffs.

2. A Strong Red Zone Running Game

After not scoring any touchdowns in his first year, Melvin Gordon went nuts last year as he scored 10. With that kind of finishing power it’s going to be hard to hold this team back once they hit their stride.

3. Versatile Receiving Group

Keenan Allen has the ability to be an elite receiver but like Julio Jones he gets injured a lot. The Chargers have finally started putting guys around him to take away pressure and hopefully help him stay healthy. Tyrell Williams is 6-foot-4 and grabbed 69 passes for 1,059 yards and 7 touchdowns. He among others, should help open up the offense.

4. The 4-3 Defense 

Ironically, after seeing the success Dan Quinn’s defense had against elite quarterbacks with his four man fronts, the Chargers have decided to make the switch. If they add another edge rusher in the draft they could be vicious.

5. Joey Bosa
Bosa has a chance to be the second consecutive 2nd-year pass rusher to lead the league in sacks. As the reigning defensive Rookie of the Year, he gives the Chargers a strong young leader up front. At 6-foot-5, 280 pounds and still just 21 years old, Bosa’s best days are still most likely ahead of him.

6. Playmakers in the Backfield 

Casey Hayward signed on as a free agent last year and exploded on the scene for the Bolts. He led the league with seven interceptions. When Jason Verrett was healthy he was developing into an elite corner. Together they make up one of the deadliest duos in the league.

7. The Element of Surprise

There weren’t very many people giving the Falcons a chance last season, especially not with the Panthers lingering  high above them. Fans were caught completely off guard by the Falcons talent. The Chargers have the potential to do the same thing.


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