Bucks Bounce Back and Beat Charlotte 118-108

One of the signs of a young, inexperienced team, is that they are streaky and inconsistent. They get hot for a while and win quite a few games but the minute they lose one, they completely fall apart. 

If you have been a fan of the Bucks for any amount of time, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to get whiplash just from looking at the standings. They can quickly climb to the top of the ladder and before you know it, they are swinging from the bottom rung and then climbing back to the top again.

The last half of this season has been completely different than anything I’ve seen in a long time from this Milwaukee team. They lose, yes. As a matter of fact they’ve gotten stomped in the last few losses including last game against the Bulls but it seems to have absolutely no affect on their confidence or psyche. They just start back over right where they left off.

Besides resilience, this team is showing a tremendous amount of confidence in the system, their coaches, teammates and themselves. Players have been traded, put on the block, released, benched, switched to new positions and yet those who remain still go out there and do their job.

They have also greatly improved their chemistry. Players seem to know who is who in the system and where they belong and they are fine with it. When one player struggles another shines. The new guys have been accepted, the veterans respected and the leadership admired.

One thing the Bucks have not had for a long time is depth on their bench. At this moment that is not the problem at all. This team has its stars, and that is obvious, but everyone seems to be considered equally important. The only person who seems unhappy in a backup role is Greg Monroe and I don’t think anyone would blame him, especially since he continues to produce. Incidentally, Moose knocked in 13 points and grabbed 8 rebounds in 25 minutes in tonight’s win. 

The final score is not at all an indicator of how this game played out as the Bucks shot out to a quick lead and led 72-50 at the half. Tony Snell paced all Bucks scorers with 26 points. Giannis Antetokounmpo added 20 points and 8 rebounds and rookie Malcolm Brogdon contributed a double – double consisting of 14 points and ten dimes.

The Bucks have sent a ripple of excitement through their fans who are trying so hard not to get their hopes up. After years of disappointment, it’s hard to find the right balance but it’s even harder not to be hopeful about this team.


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