Power Rankings

32. Los Angeles Rams 

This team is sitting on some major holes right now and doesn’t have the picks to get the receivers, tight end and offensive lineman needed to turn this all around.

31. Chicago Bears

Getting rid of Jay Cutler could help this team in the long run but right now the Bears aren’t looking any better than they did last year.

30. New Yor Jets

I think this would be a great time for the Jets to have a fire sale and start rebuilding for the future. 

29. Cleveland Browns

This team is finally being built the right way and even though it’s going to be a while before they are great, they could start to become good this year.

28. Philadelphia Eagles

This team’s major problem last year was underachieving receivers who had a bunch of dropped passes. They’ve added two more already this offseason.

27. San Francisco 49ers

I like the direction this team is headed and don’t think it will be very long before they get back to being a contender. 

26. Minnesota Vikings

This team had a major collapse at the end of last season. They have so many questions to answer before the season begins and no first round draft pick.

25. Cincinnati Bengals 

People were predicting that the Bengals would struggle last season but not many expected them to fall that far. With all the cracks beneath the surface, it could be awhile before they bounce all the way back.

24. Indianapolis Colts

This team has failed to build a defense to take pressure off of Andrew Luck and this offense. At some point there star quarterback will collapse. He’s already shown signs of it happening.

23. Washington Redskins

The biggest problem with this team is not a lack of talent. If they can find consistency they could be great. If not, it will just be more of the seesaw effect.

22. New Orleans Saints 

The Saints gave away their best receiver in an attempt to improve their defense. I think it will take way more than that this season. 

21. Arizona Cardinals 

The Cardinals have one of the best young running backs in the league. They would be wise to start putting some young guys around him.

20. Denver Broncos

It feels like  the Denver Broncos were surviving on sheer will for most of last season and even part of the season before. At some point that will will probably break.

19. Miami Dolphins

Jay Ajayi has potential to be one of the most exciting backs of this era. If he can go a full season this could once again be a fun team to watch.

18. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags need to get a good running back out of this draft. With the improvements they’ve made on defense and the maturity on offense they could be lights out.

17. Los Angeles Chargers

One of the most dangerous teams in the league last year who just failed to finish. That extra year of experience should make a huge difference.

16. Baltimore Ravens 

This team is probably long over due for an overhaul but somehow they keep winning against all odds.

15. Tennessee Titans 

The Titans have decided to go against the flow and it’s working for them. If they can remain healthy this could be a great year for this young team.

14. Buffalo Bills

This team has been loaded with talent for quite some time now. With the Ryan Bros. gone, the Bills should be able to start to find their way. 

13. Houston Texans

The Texans are back in the hunt for a quarterback but with the talent at the other positions, they should be able to keep winning. 

12. Carolina Panthers

It wasn’t so much the collapse at the beginning of the season that scared me. It was the lack of fire once things started to get back to normal that left room for concern.

11. Dallas Cowboys 

The Cowboys will probably win at least one or two Super Bowls with Dak and Zeke. I believe they are still a year or two away.

10. Detroit Lions 

This team has a load of talent and just keep adding more but they seem to be missing that extra push to get over the top.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Adding DeSean Jackson should give this offense that extra spark it needs to break loose and start winning the big games.

8. New England 

Sticking to a strict process in free agency has brought this team success. This year they broke the routine.

7. Kansas City Chiefs 

The Chiefs have been knocking on the door for awhile. I believe they will take another step forward this season.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers 

It appears the Killer Bees will remain intact for one more season. I expect the same type of season we’ve seen out of them for quite some time now.

5. Green Bay Packers

Just like every other year. If only they can stay healthy enough through the regular season.

4. Atlanta Falcons

So many weapons on offense and a vastly improving defense should give Atlanta the chance to make another deep run.

3. New York Giants 

This could be one of the most exciting offenses to watch this season. Defenses are going to drive themselves crazy trying to figure out who to cover.

2. Seattle Seahawks 

This team is built to thrive behind a power running game. A healthy Eddie Lacy should provide that for them. 

1. Oakland Raiders

I’m guessing this will be the first of many years that Derek Carr wins the NFL regular season MVP award. 


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