The Brewers are Giving Fans Reason for Optimism this Spring

For almost a decade and a half, the Brewers have had an owner, Mark Attanasio, who was willing to spend money but til this point it hasn’t really mattered much. Now they have a General Manager, David Stevens, who is a year younger than, superstar outfielder, Ryan Braun, and things seem to be falling in place for the Brewers.

After making a variety of house cleaning trades last fall and clearing the big league team of a bunch of dead weight, Stearns now boasts the farm system with the most potential in the MLB.He’s got an overload of talent at almost everyone position and has had to move people around to accommodate the rising stars.

Last season’s breakout star, Johnathon Villar, has played so well that they have to try to move him around the infield in hopes of keeping top prospect, Orlando Arica, playing his normal position at shortstop. 

One of the team’s outfield prospects is Brett Phillips who was with the Astros when they started rebuilding their roster just three years before making it to the playoffs and he says this Brewers team has way more talented players then Houston did at that point.

The Brewers have right around a dozen players 22 years old or younger and they are taking turns ripping the cover off the ball or putting on pitching clinics. It’s also mind blowing to Brewers veteran, Ryan Braun, who is only still here because his potential trade to the Dodgers fell through. 

Even Milwaukee’s Skipper Craig Counsell is a bit mind blown by the extreme quantity and quality of talent that is surrounding him this spring. 
“That’s not normal,” Counsell said. “That doesn’t happen a lot. I don’t care what spring training you’re in and I don’t care what camp you’re in, I don’t care how many years you’ve seen this, that doesn’t happen.”

And he’s not kidding. Even with this rag-tag group, his team is leading the league in all kinds of offensive stats and although no one is pretending that those numbers mean much of anything in the preseason, it’s still better than the alternative. It also shows that although not many others have faith in their potential for the upcoming season. That hasn’t changed the way these young Brewers think about themselves one bit.


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