How to Eat an Elephant- Six Fundamentals of a Successful Workout

Recently invited to a workout session with a friend, I thought that me, voluntarily going through his normal routine would push him in his journey… instead, I got a lot of sob stories about how many reps he “normally does” and how long a distance he “normally runs”… The real question is:  Are you lying to others or Are you lying to yourself?

How do you eat an elephant?… One bite at a time. 

Many times, especially when it comes to health, fitness, and weight loss, we can get caught up in these unrealistic expectations that success is going to come much easier and quicker than it does. We want to take the elevator when, 

“There is no elevator to success.  You have to take the stairs…” -Zig Ziggler. 

The reality is that there are levels to this and if you’re just jumping [back] into working out, make sure you’re following the fundamentals:

-consuming the right foods AND beverages before and after a workout

-stretching properly before each workout

-cooling down from each workout

-knowing your limits, when and how to test them

-proper use of equipment & machines

-correct form

There are many things you can jump into- a hole, a heap, a pool; but one thing that would not be suggested jumping into is squatting 190lbs on your second rotation of leg day.  This is why we set goals; it gives us something to look forward to. The next rung in the ladder, the next step on the stair. Understand that we all had to start somewhere, be realistic, and instead of hiding the elephant under a rug, grab your fork & knife and dig in!


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