Really?? We are talking about hair?


Clint Frazier Before

Clint Frazier Before Haircut: Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Clint Frazier, the outfielder known for his long, curly red locks, finally has that “Yankee Look” after receiving the “official” Yankees’ haircut. “I like my hair, but I love playing for this organization,” Frazier, 22, said of the Yankee’s strict policy forbidding long hair and beards. “It’s time to look like everybody else around here.”

Clint Frazier After

Clint Frazier After Haircut: Photo Courtesy of Twitter

But looking like everyone else; is that the culture baseball really wants to portray in 2017? The story behind why the Yankees insist on their players being well groomed goes all the way back to 1973. George Steinbrenner wanted a more corporate attitude for his team and its players. Since then those who have signed with the Yankees have agreed to this policy.

Last time I checked a corporate attitude is more than just a hair cut and whether or not you choose to have facial hair. The Yankees have won 7 of their 27 Championships since this policy has been in place. How many of those Championships were won because players decided they would give in and cut their hair? The Yankees have not won a single Championship because players decided to get the “corporate haircut.” Championships were won because of a lot of money was spent to sign players that “cut their hair” while looking the other way on the integrity and morality of the players they signed.

We’ve watched the Yankees spend billions of dollars on players that had great stat lines just to find out it was because of PED’s. Twenty-eight players in the Yankees organization have been associated with steroids or HGH. From Clemens and his infamous “B-12” injections, to A-Rod who had a entire doping network set up. Now they have Aroldis Chapman; a pitcher making $86 million just 1 year removed from a 30 game domestic violence suspension. That was a distraction last year, but oh wait! He won games and can throw 103 mph. A-Rod was great and the distraction was worth $300 million until he wasn’t anymore.
My entire point is “corporate attitude” is more than a haircut. It typically comes with a morality clause as well. If you’re going to make players cut their hair and beards to have a corporate attitude why not make sure they don’t cheat the game or beat their significant other.

YankeesI know morality in 2017 seems to have gone out the window in the US. However to attract younger fans and families it is important to have a fun and caring environment. There also needs be a moral compass driving your team. This makes it easier to get behind an organization. It also develops players that young fans can look up to. Getting a haircut does not change who a person is inside and maybe looking different from each other isn’t such a bad thing after all.




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