My Favorite Options to Replace Eddie Lacy in Green Bay

Adrian Peterson 

Even on a Rival team,  it’s hard not to cheer for a guy with this talent level. Peterson has struck fear in Packers fans for over a decade now and it would be fun to finally have him as one of the good guys. I know there has been very little interest shown in him so far this offseason and that is enough to raise some doubt, but if he were to have even half the success this season that he had the last time he bounced back from a knee injury, he would be a steal. It seems that he would fit perfectly in an Aaron Rodgers offense and would open up the field for the receivers. The only thing I’m afraid of is that the cost is too high to make it worth a gamble. Ted Thompson has shown patience in the past and could do up a deal with AP when the money starts to meet the expectations.

Christian McCaffrey

It’s possible that all three of the top running backs will be gone by the time the Packers make their selection in this year’s draft. However, I’m guessing that McCaffrey has the best chance to fall and if he does, the Packers should definitely consider adding him to the roster. This kid is brimming with athleticism, swagger, and a high level of intelligence. That should make him a perfect fit for an offense that is always looking to add more versatility. Ted Thompson seems to like players who play at Stanford, so this is a definite possibility.

Joe Mixon

The biggest question with Mixon, is whether or not he has learned to control his anger. If he has, he could be a devastating weapon in Green Bay. This is a city where troubled athletes have come and their past seems to be readily forgotten as they develop into top notch athletes. Of course it would be a gamble but if he is still around in the second or third round, it would definitely make sense for the Packers to scoop him up. 

LeGarrette Blount

A lot of people are going to be turned off by the fact that he is 30 years old. However, if you realize that Blount still has very thick tread on his tires and scored 18 TDs last season, you know that this could be a perfect fit in Green Bay. The Packers could always use another weapon to help them finish up around the goaline and Blount could definitely be that guy. It’s hard to evaluate how former Patriots players, especially running backs, will fit on other teams but with McCarthy and Rodgers available it should be a fairly easy transition.

Donnell Pumphrey

Even though there is a definite * next to his record, this 5-foot-9, 170 pound back, is the all-time FBS rushing leader. He is not only lightning quick, with great vision and an uncanny ability to fool defenders, he just gets the game in a way that very few do. Sure he’s small and might have already carried the ball more than many backs entering the draft but there are ways to use those things to your advantage. If anyone could make a successful transition, Pumphrey definitely would be the guy.

Leonard Fournette 

A month or so ago, I would have never thought this kid would have a chance to fall this far in the draft. Concerns about  injury and his performance at the combine, could make it possible for his stock to plummet and for this beast of a man to fall right into the Packers leap. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Green Bay traded up a few spots to grab this kid, who was just recently rated above Ezekiel Elliott. Fournette runs with a vengeance and that would be a decent way to replace what this offense just had with Lacy.


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