Terrance Williams is a Rare Occurrence; Something Cowboys Fans Should Be Thankful For.

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Terrance Williams is not an elite NFL receiver. He is not going to blow you away with ten receptions in a game. He is not going to put together a string of one-thousand yard seasons. In fact, he might not ever get one. Words to describe Terrance Williams would be: role-filler, useful, solid, respectable, and serviceable. He is not flashy, and he is nothing close to elite. However, he has been able to stay healthy over the years, and when free agency hits, Terrance Williams is a player who a lot of teams would be interested in. And with a fairly weak class of free agent wide receivers, Terrance Williams was in line for a solid pay day.

It’s not like Williams was in line for Antonio Brown-type money, but 6-8 million dollars per year was considered reasonable for a guy like him. A lot of teams, including the Cowboys, who he has spent the first four years of his career with, are in need of wide receivers, and are willing to pay up to get them.

Dallas Cowboys fans have expressed their fair share of Frustrations with Williams over the years. He is not a true #1 receiver, and when Dez Bryant spent time riding the pine due to injuries over the last two seasons, Williams has not always been able to put up big numbers in his absence. His numbers are respectable, but they aren’t great. He has also shown an inability to consistently catch passes with his hands, often “body catching” passes, which sometimes results in key drops. And we all remember the week 1 loss to the Giants, when Williams failed to get out of bounds late in the fourth quarter, when the Cowboys were out of timeouts. A moment that has cemented itself in the minds of Cowboys fans, and has put a target on Williams back that screams and shouts that he is untrustworthy and borderline useless, which is a huge exaggeration.

The Dallas Cowboys have not entered this free agency period with a lot of wiggle room to sign free agents. In fact, they rarely, if ever do. With a mere 8.5 million dollars in cap space, and more important defensive players to try to re-sign, it seemed inevitable that Williams would not have a star on his helmet in 2017. However, the #2 receiver spot still needed to be filled. Cole Beasley is strictly a slot receiver and cannot play outside, and the Cowboys do not have a receiver on the roster who can fill this void. So if they aren’t going to keep Williams around, maybe they address the position in free agency. Well, with the prices being what they are for receivers, it’s difficult to find a solid player to compliment Dez Bryant for a price that they can afford. It is also difficult to address the position in the draft, considering the Cowboys defensive needs.

And then it happened. Out of nowhere, Williams re-signs with the Cowboys on a four year extension. Many Cowboys put their face in their hands at the idea of being stuck with Mr. I can’t get out of bounds for another four years. Then we see the contract. Seventeen Million Dollars over four years. But Williams was supposed to make 6-8 million per year? The deal was, quite simply, a steal. Then, Williams took to Twitter. He tweeted on word, “Loyalty.”

As stated earlier, Williams is not a great player. But for a team that does not have much for cap space, and other needs to fill, Williams was originally more than they could afford, and they got him at a price that they could. And considering that he has been playing for the Cowboys for four years, and knows the system, maybe we was the best option that they had.

In a league where players are driven by money, Williams displayed an act of integrity that we never see. On a yearly basis, players who win Super Bowls leave the team who they became a world champion with for a few more money. They build bonds with teammates, then leave. Whether or not their decisions are justified is irrelevant. The fact remains that very few players are willing to take less money in any situation. Terrance Williams, a player destined to land himself a big pay day, signed for a percentage of what he could have, because he wanted to stay home. He didn’t leave a good team to go play for a bad team who was willing to pay him more.

No, the Cowboys did not get one of the top free agents, but they got the best player they could at a bargain Price due to Williams’ loyalty and integrity. He is a man to cheer for.


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