Ted Thompson’s Genius Shows Through Once Again for the Packers

As the Free Agency period approached, Packers fans seemed convinced that the team had a ton of holes and that the front office desperately needed to fix them. However, if you follow the team at all, you know they are set at quarterback for quite some time. 

As far as protecting him, they drafted a couple of linemen last year, so it didn’t hurt to let J. C. Tretter go even though his youth makes him appear like such a very valuable asset. Because the Packers draft mostly left tackles and move them around to wherever they fit the best, certain positions don’t really stick out. Genius! Wide receiver is a definite strength with multiple stars already there and more in the making, and even running back isn’t as bad as it seemed. The reason for that has to do with the trend of drafting “tweeners,” especially from Stanford. Genius! When the Packers lost their two star  running backs to injury this past season, they started a highly intelligent receiver in the backfield and he looked like the second coming of Barry Sanders. 

Thompson doesn’t draft by position like most General Managers. He drafts hybrids that fit the skill set he needs. He covets players that are more athletic and cerebral and can adjust to certain situations and he’s also got a thing for former wrestlers (but that’s for a different article ).

Thats why he was able to turn a guy, Ty Montgomery, who he originally drafted as a receiver, into a running back and have tremendous success. Genius

He’s does the same with linebacker. When Dom Capers got hired, they swamped out the cover linebackers on the outside for guys who could terrorize the quarterback from the edges. Since then, the players who are built like defense ends but play linebacker now have their own classification and everyone else in the league are now desperately seeking edge rushers. Genius

After having their backfield torched on a regular basis last season, the outside consensus was that the Packers needed corners in the most desperate fashion. There were a coupe of big names, A.J. Bouye and Stephon Gilmore, in the draft and it was considered a necessity that the Packers make a move at one of them. The problem is that Bouye has the feel of a one year wonder and Gilmore seems to be massively declining, so Green Bay left them alone. Genius!  

Also the Packers know that their young corners, Damarious Randle and Quinton Rollins, who have been absolutely stellar when they are healthy, will eventually be better than any of the corners on the market. I’m kind of confused about letting Micah Hyde go but I’m sure it has to do with the fact that his contract potential has outgrown his skill.

Right around the time fans were complaining about the Packers cutting off talks with Jerad Cook, Ted Thompson took a step further and brought in Martellus Bennett. Bennett showed that on the right team he can be a star again and I have a feeling he will be a favorite of  Aaron Rodgers almost immediately. Genius! People are going to be quick to point out his negatives but the brilliance of the Packers lies in how well Aaron Rodgers can cover up those flaws. 

Really, if you look up and down the depth chart, the Packers potentially need another running back or two. A young tight end would come in handy. It wouldn’t hurt to add one each at d-line and linebacker and a couple d-backs. Green Bay has 8 picks in the upcoming draft and all of those are very deep positions. If they play their cards right, they can add depth at every position for way cheaper than they could in Free Agency. Genius!

I have a feeling this is one of the players Ted Thompson is drooling over. First off, he played at Stanford, so the Packers know right away that, Christian McCaffrey has the cerebral ability to fit into the Packers way of thinking and adjust to their schemes.

I’m sure fans, experts and critics will be complaining about the Packers lack of action in Free Agency. However, while other teams are rebuilding because of struggles with the salary cap, Green Bay will continue to extend its streak of consecutive playoff appearances. Genius!


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