SBF seeks: Motivation

Let’s take a poll! By show of hands, how many of us enjoy exercise? Ok, so just in case you didn’t see, I did NOT have my hand raised. SURPRISE! I’m like most Americans out here who would much rather sit on the couch with a bag of kettle cooked chips and a ginger ale in front of a television and veg out… especially when you have children… and especially when you have a job. Working out is probably the last thing on your mind, but you know it’s important and you know you have goals. On most days, it takes me an average of 2 hours to get ready before working out. Not on a physical level, but on a mental level. Getting pumped starts in the mind and if you know where to begin, it’s a lot easier to get the ball rolling.

1. …in places you already go:

*Clicks on Instagram app* <scrolls through> *double tap* <scroll> *double tap* <closes app> [repeat]

Not sure about you, but this is accurate for my life: the practice of mindlessly opening and closing apps repetitively. Put your scrolling to good use and search hashtags for your personal goals. Now instead of looking through pictures of celebrities, you can look through pictures of ‘before and afters’. Seeing multiple people who were once were you are and have gotten where you want to go, lets you know that it’s achievable.

2. …in Logic and Reasoning:

“There are 24 hours in a day. Let’s say you work a full time job and get the recommended amount of sleep each night, so that’s 16 hour of your day that are already spoken for. It leaves you with 8 hours. Of those 8 hours, how difficult would it be for you to dedicate 30 minutes to an hour of your time to bettering yourself?”

Breaking it down for myself made it a lot easier to digest. Of course, realistically you may only have about 3 to 4 hours to yourself and want to catch up on your shows. That’s where the next point comes in…

3. …in Positivity:

Instead of thinking about how much time it’s going to take and how you don’t feel like it, focus on the positive aspects of working out. The truth is, the more you work out, the more natural energy you’ll have and the more your body gets in the groove, the more you’ll want to. It takes 28 days to make or break a habit, the goal is to make it to day 29. The key is to be realistic and don’t go overboard. There are some who are great at quitting habits ‘cold turkey’, but for the rest of us, begin looking for alternatives, find ways to wean off. When you think of your diet, workout plan, or lifestyle change as something that restricts or deprives you of activities you love, it’s a set up for failure. You risk potentially becoming resentful: why do something when you can find a million reasons it doesn’t make you happy? We live in a pleasure driven society where even a task like fueling our bodies has become more indulgent on the daily basis. Focusing on the positives will help you reach your goals.


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