Nick Perry Resigns With Packers for 60 Million over 5 Years

While the rest of the league was on an insane spending spree, scooping up new players like crazy, it was business as usual for the Packers front office and their fans.

Other teams are bringing in different faces but Ted Thompson prefers to sign the guys he drafted and is familiar with. Perry started his career slow but has now become a force against the run as well as leading the Pack with 11 sacks.

Green Bay, who usually focuses on their offense, surprised fans by passing up on Guard, J.C.Tretter, in order to give $19.5 million to their proven pass rusher, who they hope can lead the defense for many years to come.

While it goes against common practice in someways, fans should be ecstatic that the Packers are focusing on defense after the embarrassment to the Falcons in the NFC Championship.

The 6-foot-3, 265 pound pash rusher, who turns twenty-seven next month,  struggled with injuries his first four years but appears to have hit his stride at just the right time.


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