Biggest Winners of Free Agency 2017…so far 

Houston Texans

Right off the bat, you have to applaud these guys for getting rid of a major mistake by trading Brock Osweiler. All they had to do was flip a second round pick for a fourth. Sure, they lost a potentially great young corner in A.J. Bouye, but the clean slate they received, should help them make up for it in the future. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

They made some pretty big advances without doing much at all. The Bucs scooped up the veteran speedster in DeSean Jackson who can take advantage of Jameis Winston’s arm and Mike Evans drawing most of the coverage. Defensive End, Chris Baker, will help shore up a much improved “D.”

Jacksonville Jaguars 

Say what you want about the Jags defense. They were already loaded with talent, now they add a bunch of experience and leadership. In 2016 they were over-confident, this year I believe they will have just the right mix of swagger and humility, to finally start to get the job done.

Cleveland Brown

If you are still confused as to how “Moneyball” translates to the NFL, all you have to do is look at Clevelands offensive line. While everyone else is stocking up on overpriced talent, the Browns are building a line that will be the foundation for their future. I’m not fond of the Kenny Britt signing, but I believe they are on point with most everything else.

New England Patriots 

The main characteristic of the Patriots front office is that they don’t do uncharacteristic type things. This year they are. It makes me wonder what they are preparing for.


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