Mike Glennon to Bears; Future Still Hazy in Chicago?

This morning, reports came in that former Buccaneers backup quarterback Mike Glennon was going to sign a 3-year, $43 million contract with the Chicago Bears today once the free agency period begins.

With this, it looks like the Bears are finally officially moving on from Jay Cutler; a decision that was overdue in most people’s opinion. Now the question is if Mike Glennon can do anything for them or not. Some are skeptical, especially considering that he’s probably getting overpaid; but it is certainly possible for them to turn things around.

Let’s not forget that Mike Glennon was forced to play during tumultuous times in Tampa back when he actually was a starter. In 2013, he was forced to play for a dumpster-fire Greg Schiano-led team that had just benched Josh Freeman under odd circumstances, and in 2014, he shared time with Josh McCown on a team that finished 2-14. Despite that, he still has a career TD-INT ratio of 30 to 15. That’s pretty impressive.

The last two years he’s been stuck as a backup behind Jameis Winston, only playing once in garbage time this past season. He is now finally getting a chance to show if he can turn a franchise around. The Bears do have a few decent pieces in place; they appear to be losing Alshon Jeffrey, but they have a pretty great young RB in Jordan Howard and a few other WR’s with potential as well.

Now, the thing that’s interesting and that makes the future still possibly hazy is that the Bears still plan to draft a QB regardless. That makes me wonder just how much confidence Chicago really has in Glennon, despite paying him pretty decent money. Are they going to be impatient and throw somebody else in if the Bears struggle this year? They need to remember that a turnaround is not going to be immediate; they’re still the worst team in a very tough division.

If they can keep that in mind, and not flip out because one season didn’t go the way they planned, things should be okay. While on one hand, it’s not a bad idea to have a good insurance policy if Glennon ends up being like Osweiler or gets injured. Overall though, they do need to be careful on how they handle the whole thing.

With that said, the Bears are beginning to get on the right direction by finally moving on from Jay Cutler. Time will tell if they can stay on that right direction.


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