Eddie Lacy Could Be Beast Mode 2.0 in Seattle 

Seattle’s offense just hasn’t been the same since they lost their big, punishing back who has the power to drag potential tacklers behind him and the breakaway speedwas to take it to the house at anytime. Fortunately  for them, there is a back who not only resembles him and is built the same, but he has the same running style as well.

In other words, Eddie Lacy is Marshawn Lynch all over again, except for maybe even better. Most people cringe when I say this and way for the asterisk but there isn’t one. Lacy is big, fast and strong but he is also athletic like Lynch and has a high football IQ. He has a fearsome jumpstep that leaves defenders flat footed as he aims right and then changes direction abruptly, heading toward the edge rushers on the weak side. He knows which side has less chance of bringing him down and he punishes them for even trying.

Alabamanews. Net

Marshawn Lynch had a great rookie season as he busted into the league with, 1,115 rushing yards, 7 TDs. Eddie Lacy ran for 1,178 rushing yards, 11 TDs and was named Rookie of the Year.

In their sophomore years, Lynch, went for 1,036 rushing yards and 8 TDs. Lacy went for 1,139 rushing yards and 9 TDs,

Like I mentioned earlier, very similar but Lacy is clearly better. 

In their 3rd and 4th years they both succumbed to injury and lost a few games but Lacy continued to maintain the edge. 

This is where the story changes drastically. “Beast Mode 1.0” packed his bags and headed to Seattle. He put up 1,204 rushing yards and 12 TDs. in the first year as a Seahawk in what would turn out to be a stellar career.

Now that Lacy has a contract with the team that helped to recreate Lynch, it will be interesting to see if he can fit into that system and finally realize the potential he showed when he first came into the league.


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