DeSean Jackson; Could be a Steal for Tampa Bay

I’ll give it to you. D-Jax, isn’t and will never be a number one receiver. As a matter of fact, in his nine years in the league, he’s only had one great season statistically. That’s not what you pay him for though. He’s a sniper “one shot, one kill.” You make a mistake and he makes sure you suffer for it.

You bring him in to make the safeties shift over to his side and take the pressure off of the corners. If they don’t, you let Jameis Winston burn them deep with Jackson. If they do you created more room for Mike Evans. In other words, you bring him in because of how much better his teammates will be because he’s there.

$20 million guaranteed, on a 3 year, $35 million dollar contract means the Bucs front office agrees with me that the 30 year old is just as valuable for his reputation and experience, as he is for his talent.

If he can live up to even some of the expectations fans of the Bucs have for him, Jackson can help Tampa Bay get over the top and be the next surly team from the NFC South.


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