Seahawks may look to add these impact players in Free Agency.

After going 10-5-1 last season, but flaming out in the playoffs.  The Seattle Seahawks are at a spot where they need to go all out to try to get back to the Super Bowl.  They have many star players that are in their prime (Sherman, Wilson, Chancellor, Baldwin are all 28 years old) and they need to take advantage of this Super Bowl window that they are in now.

Many other publications are looking for them to go all out for free agents and I just don’t see that happening.  They haven’t been a team that is as active in free agency as other teams and they’ve got less cap space than most too (about $26.9 million in space).  I believe they need to hit a just few homers to make the team more dynamic on offense and get that much needed home field advantage for the playoffs (they won 7 home games last season).

Pete Carroll claims that they won’t look to upgrade the offensive line with free agents, but I think former Bengals Guard Kevin Zeitler is someone they need to go after.  He’s a nasty mauler who would fit very well into the Seahawks power attack.  

How about a couple splashes?  How’d Nick Mangold look hiking the ball at Centurylink?  This would be a great fit!  A longtime veteran going to a run first team to try to get that elusive championship.  He would be the type of leader the Seattle offense needs and you know that the Seattle’s 12th Man would just love him.

The last move I’d like them to look into is the most controversial of them all.  Colin Kaepernick backing up Wilson and more.  It’s a destination a few writers have written about, but I think Seattle should take Kaepernick and take him a step farther than they did with Terrelle Pryor.  How about sets with Kaepernick in the backfield behind Wilson, or in the slot, returning kicks, option plays?  His 6.1 yard rushed per attempt is higher than free agents AP and Charles.  Could having Kaep on the field give the Seahawks that explosive Harvin type impact from a few years back?  It’s unlikely, but it could be a low risk move that could lead to playoff gold.


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