Goldberg’s Future in Jeporday after Fastlane?

Rivalry Sports and Entertainment Network

It’s the last Pay-Per-View before Wrestlemania 33 and tensions are at an all time high. Goldberg is seeking Main Event gold as he takes on Kevin Owens! Who will enter the Showcase of Immortals as the Universal Champion? Will Bayley beat “The Queen” and snap her 16 PPv streak? Roman Reigns takes on Braun Stroman in a battle for the ages! These two powerhouses have been thorns in each others sides. Who will come out on top? Can Braun Strowman be stopped, or will Reigns just be another body in the pile left behind by the Monster? It all happens on Fastlane this Sunday!

I’m MarkyMC and with me is the Phenom, he’s a fan favorite, he loves unicorns. Also with me is Rich, you can make your own opinions of him, I think he’s a despicable human being and a dick. He’s probably stealing your internet right now.


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