Five Free Agent Steals that Most Experts aren’t talking about Who could impact Your Team Immediately

Tony Jefferson, S, Arizona Cardinals 

Tyrann Matthieu is considered the protypical safety in the newfangled defenses that are being unleashed in the modern NFL. His teammate, Tony Jefferson, outplayed him last year and should be on his way to a big payday. Nobody is really talking about this playmaker who so far has managed to fly under the radar. He will be a great addition to whichever team happens to find him.

Russell Okung, LT, Seattle Seahawks 

This guy is still one of the top players at one of the most crucial positions in the league. He could come in and make any quarterbacks job easier almost immediately. There is a huge plus/minus to this guy. He’s smart. He got clowned hardcore for gambling on himself and becoming his own agent. Now he’s set himself up for a major payday. The bad part is some team is going to have to pay for him. The good part is he will most likely be worth every penny of it.

Mike Glennon, QB, Tampa Bay

Nobody will argue with you that Mike Glennon has the potential to be a quality NFL starter, but for some reason he barely gets talked about in a league that’s starving for solid quarterbacks. Any team that is just a quarterback away, could do a lot worse. He has the height, the arm and the experience to be a leader for a long time on the right squad.

Micah Hyde, DB/PR, Green Bay Packers

This guy is so under the radar that I would imagine that there are General Managers for a couple of teams who don’t even know who he is or what position he plays. The truth is, he is kind of a tweener. Instead of being a problem, its actually helped the Packers because they can move him around wherever they need him. When used properly he becomes the x-factor that every team is looking for.

Prince Amukamara, CB, Jacksonville Jaguars

The league is in desperate need of cornerbacks. Yet, because this kid didn’t live up to the ridiculous expectations that have been put on him since he came into the league, it’s almost like he doesn’t exist. Amukamar is still a very good player and should  definitely find his niche on a team looking for a playmaker. Chances are they won’t have to pay much for him either.


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