The Hopes and Dreams of Colts and Eagles Fans are Riding on a Coin Flip Today

When the Eagles traded Sam Bradford to the Minnesota Vikings last off-season, they had no idea what pick they would be getting in return for the veteran quarterback. Oddly enough, almost a month after the Super Bowl, they still don’t know. 

After a stellar start, the Vikings faltered and left themselves tied for the 14th overall pick with the Indianapolis Colts. The tiebreaker is a coin flip that will take place at 12:30 ET time today at the NFL combine. The official coin has the Viking logo on one side the Eagles logo on the other.

If the Colts win they will get the 14th pick and Philadelphia will get the 15th pick. If the Vikings win, the exact opposite is true. Most fans probably don’t think that one spot in the order will make that much difference but when you are talking about two teams that are looking for the same type of players it could make all the difference in the world.

For instance both teams have been rumored to be looking for a running back and Dalvin Cook, who seems to be a great match for both teams, could be available when the 14th pick rolls around but probably won’t be when 15 rolls around. 


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